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Fitness & Health

All travel involves some physical exertion, even non-trekking tours. Altitude, extremes of heat and cold, the duration of a trip or difficulty of terrain are all factors which affect people differently. However, most of our trips are designed to be within the capabilities anyone who enjoys good health and most importantly adaptable. If the trip you’ve chosen involves long distance trekking as an integral element, then you should exercise regularly to prepare yourself physically and mentally for an active outdoor experience.

Group Size

Our Safari group size varies depending on the nature of activity and is indicated on each tour. Anyone who enjoys the rewards of exploratory travel will appreciate the great feelings of freedom and personal fulfillment such trips inspire. English is the common language spoken but we also outsource good guides who speak other languages when need arises.

About Transport

Depending on the objectives of the tour we use a variety of transportation, often on the same trip. Every effort is made to use the means of transportation described in our itineraries. However, sometimes a specific mode of travel may have to be changed. We’ll do what we can to minimize the effects of any changes or delays brought about by flights, weather conditions, etc., but we cannot be held responsible for unexpected delays or changes in travel plans.

About Camping

when camping we provide all necessary equipment. However, you may need to bring a sleeping bag, towel and other personal gear, if this is specified for your trip. We use 2-4 person tents (unless stated otherwise) and camp meals are included while camping or trekking. Meals are usually prepared by our own cook.

Room Plan

Hotel/camp rooms are provided on a shared basis, usually double, twins or triples with in-room toilet facilities. In general, a room should be vacated between 10am, irrespective of trip arrival or departure times.
All our tour prices are based on shared accommodation, but single rooms can be arranged upon request and payment of a single supplement.


Special meals can be pre-arranged and dietary restrictions can be accommodated subject to advance notification. We maintain high standards of food and water safety during our trips.


Most of the Adventure trips pass through very remote and undeveloped areas where lifestyles and conditions are very different from what visitors are accustomed to. The unpredictable nature of such travel is exhilarating, but it’s not for everyone. A trip maybe unexpectedly delayed or forced to re-route for various reasons, climatic, to mention the obvious.

Passport & Visas

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in possession of a passport with at least six months validity from the date of departure; and any visas necessary to enter or transit any countries involved in your journey
To obtain a Kenyan visa, you will need two passport sized photos and a valid passport. Upon receiving your booking confirmation you can obtain a visa at any Kenyan Embassy. Kenya does not require visas for all foreign nationals please ask us or check with the Kenyan Embassy in your country to determine if a visa is necessary.


No specific requirements. Kenya does require a certificate of Vaccination against Yellow Fever for entry. Bring a basic medical kit and your own medications.

High Altitude

If you have a heart or respiratory problem, you should not risk extended travel or trekking at very high altitudes. Otherwise, there is little or no risk of altitude sickness in Kenya if you are not climbing Mt. Kenya; most itineraries never exceed elevations of 12,000 feet.

Cheque, Credit Cards

You can pay the deposit and balance of your trip price by either wire or bank transfer only.

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